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ENYYSA By-Laws and Constitution

As per the Annual General Meeting in August 2013, the ENNYSA By-Laws and Constitution were revamped to reflect current operations as well as any edits/additions to amendments. Click here for ENYYSA By-Laws and Constitution.

A new By-Law was approved by the membership at the August 6, 2013 ENYYSA Annual General Meeting. Refer to ENYYSA By Laws and Constitution, Article III – Registration, Transfer and Release of Players, Section I – Registration D:

"A player rostered to a club travel team U15 and up can be rostered on another club’s tournament team roster and will not be considered a transfer or dually registered player. However a player MAY NOT appear on more than one tournament team or more than one travel or premier team roster simultaneously"



What Does This Mean?

ENYYSA member clubs, with league approval, are now able to put together combined "Showcase Teams" to participate in tournaments, such as USYSA/ENYYSA sanctioned showcase events. This feature allows the flexibility for players to be on a travel team and a tournament team (only one) without being reflected as a dual registered player.
The "Showcase Team", U15 and up, can be representative of age appropriate players from several member league clubs, with all players already being registered to those participating teams/clubs (having a current active, valid player pass). The combined team would register under one of the participating clubs via the Sport Sign Up system, by selecting "Showcase Team" as registration type. A separate, new player pass (for Showcase Teams) is issued by the league. Additionally, an "S" at the beginning of the player pass number, will designate a "Showcase" player pass.
All Showcase Teams with registered players would need the approval of their home club (registrar or president) to participate.


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