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State Cup Frequently Asked Questions

Questions And Answers

When are the deadlines to enter State Cup?

 U10, U11 & U12  Arch Capital Group Cup starts in June and usually ends the 3rd week in August, for Fall play. For U13- U16 Arch Capital Group Cup and the U12 small sided and U12- to U19 usually the first week in January. U19 is usually the 3rd week in March.

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What Cup can I enter?

Qualificationsfor team entry is in the Cup Booklet under eligibility, Rule number 3.0.

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I play in the U18 division, can I enter the U17 State Cup?

Yes. Providing that all players on the State Cup roster are age appropiate.

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When are rosters due?

Please refer to the State Cup Calendar for all due dates.

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When do rosters "Freeze"?

Please refer to the State Cup Calendar for all due dates.

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Who can enter the State Cup?

Only travel teams that play in a State Cup qualifying League.  All Leagues affiliated with ENYYSA, Premier League, Region I Premier and Sub Regional Leagues (i.e. Northeast and Colonial).  League Select or Academy cannot participate. 

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How many players can I have on my roster?

The maximum number of players on an ENYYSA Cup Roster for U10 - U12 is Eighteen (18) and U12 Small Side 8 v 8 is Fourteen (14). U10-U13 teams that register more than (18) players and U12 8 v 8 that register more that (14) players during the current seasonal year, on their league roster, will not be eligible for the US Youth Soccer National Championships. These teams may be eligible for the  Arch Capital Cup provided they meet all other eligibility requirements. The maximum number of players on an ENYYSA Cup Roster for the U13 to U19 age group is twenty-two (22). Only eighteen (18) players from that roster will be eligible to compete in any one match. The eighteen (18) eligible players to compete in the match will be clearly designated on the game card  for each match. 

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Can we have guest players?

No. Only players that are registered in your Club prior to the roster freeze date (or better know as "Club Pass).  

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I registered a transferred player that was from a team that played in the Fall Cup, can that player be put on my roster?

Once you competed in one cup you are cup tied and not permitted to be rosters on any other state cup roster.

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Who pays the referee fees?

 The Home and Visiting Teams split the fees.

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What are the Referee and Assistant Referee Fees?

Please refer to the State Cup Booklet under pre-game Procedure, Rule 9.4. 

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Who schedules the Games?

The Home Team 

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How do I change my field location once my game is scheduled?

You must get approval from your Age Group Commissioner.   If approved, the Age Group Commissioned will make the change  and then notify the Referee Assignor. 

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Who secures the Referees?

Referees are assigned by the Referee Assignor once the game is scheduled.   

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Who can be on the bench sidelines?

Substitute Players, Coaches,  Managers with a valid pass. and ENY Certified Trainers

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How are teams seeded?

If available,  last years quarterfinals will be seeded.

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Who calls in the scores?

The HOME team is responsible to enter the score.

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If both teams have the same color, who changes?

 The Home Team changes.

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How do I get my roster approved?

After the freeze deadline, Leagues approve your State Cup roster.  Once the League approves, the State will approve the roster.

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Do I need my State Cup roster to play?

you will need your game card... 

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One of my players were ejected, is my Team still in State Cup?

Yes.    Upon receipt of the Referee Report the Cup Chairperson determines the suspension.  

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Can I use my US Club Soccer Pass to play State Cup?

No. Only U.S. Youth Soccer passes are accepted.

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How are the teams grouped?

 it's done by a random draw. with the Quaterfinalists seeded where available.

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How do the teams move into the quarterfinals?

in the Cup Rule Book,  Rule  4.3.1.   will outline  group play.

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