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First Time In State Cup?

Within one to two weeks after registration closes, we will have the draw. The draw is done randomly within the online system. 
After the draw, we will post the brackets on our web site. (The team that is listed at the top of the bracket is the home team.)
Shortly after, the office will send out, via email, to each person that is listed as the team administrator, the following:
  1. the link to the brackets
  2. instructions on how to schedule the game
  3. team contact info
  4. calendar of playing dates
  5. list of your Age Group Commissioner
Roster due date is listed on the State Cup calendar. Rosters must be entered on line. Only players registered to your club can be listed on your roster. Registration on more than one team is not permitted at each level of play. All players must be registered to the Club prior to the roster freeze date.
Print 2 copies for your game card (1 for the referee and one for the opposing team).
The home team must then get in contact with the opposing team to let them know when they are scheduling the game.
The home team must then schedule the game on line. You must enter the full address of the site and if possible the web address (url). The first game must be scheduled 21 days prior to the first round of play and 24 hours after each succeeding game and confirmed with the Age Group Commissioner.
The home team, opposing team and the Age Group Commissioner will get an automatic email confirming the game.  The Age Group Commissioner then sends the game to the Referee Assignor who then assigns a Referee/Assistant Referees to your game.
Both teams are responsible for ½ the officials fee. (fees listed in Cup Booklet)
The winning team must call in or email the score to the Age Group Commissioner by 8PM on the evening of the game.  Your main contact is your Age Group Commissioner.
Playing dates are on the calendar and also in the Cup Booklet, if you can’t play on the date listed, you can pre play as long as the opposing team and the Age Group Commissioner agree.
Please look at State Cup Calendar to be aware of important dates.

©2018 Eastern New York State Soccer Association

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