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Qualifying for ENYYSA CUP COMPETITIONS in Conjunction with EDP / MAPS Flights


1.  Objectives:  Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association (ENYYSA) teams that want to participate in regional competition through participation in EDP Flights or in MAPS Flights administered by MSSL, as well as be eligible to qualify for ENYYSA Cup competitions, will be able to do so.  All concerned are mindful that the goal is to provide teams with consistently competitive game, access to desired league, cup and tournament participations, and maintain a streamlined schedule of "mandatory" games that minimizes schedule congestion.

2.  ENYYSA agrees to allow MSSL to coordinate the Spring schedules for teams registered in designated brackets of the ENYYSA Premier League, referred to as the Eastern New York Premier League Flights/EDP Flights.

  1. Qualified teams from all ENYYSA regions can apply for acceptance to the Eastern New York Premier League brackets.
  2. All games in such flights would be conducted strictly under ENYYSA qualifying guidelines, and utilizing USYS/ENYYSA passes.
  3. A separate table in each age group and gender will be created and published online, presenting the schedule and results of all such qualifying flight games.
  4. Teams would register through the ENYYSA Premier League online portal, and indicate their preference to be considered for an Eastern New York Premier League Flights. Teams so choosing will understand that in addition to their Eastern New York Premier League games, they will also be scheduled for additional mandatory games against other EDP Flight or MAPS Flight opponents, including out-of-state opponents.
  5. ENYYSA teams will process their player passes and rostering through their ENYYSA home clubs.
  6. ENYYSA and MSSL will review the applicants, and accept them for Eastern New York Premier League competition (Spring Season only).
  7. Accepted teams will then also have to register separately in the appropriate online EDP Flight or MAPS Flight portal.
  8. MSSL staff will create coordinate schedules for both Eastern New York Premier League Flight and EDP/MAPS Flight games.  The schedules will be submitted to the ENYYSA Premier League for informational purposes and comment, and then presented to home clubs to coordinate fields, times and referee assignments for those games.


3. All Eastern New York Premier League Flight teams must participate in a Premier League schedule with a minimum of four teams and play a minimum of four games during the seasonal year. Teams that complete the required schedule shall be qualified to participate in all ENYYSA Cup competitions.

4.  Teams participating in EDP Flights and MAPS Flights would still have the alternative option to qualify for ENYYSA Cups through currently available channels: local home leagues, Region One League, NERP, ENYYSA Premier League, etc.

5. The number of teams allowed to participate from ENYYSA in the Eastern New York Premier League Flights shall be limited to no more than twelve teams in any single age/gender bracket (though it may be less), and all such teams permitted to participate shall be competitively accepted to either an EDP or MAPS Elite Flight.

June 20, 2014



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