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What is Risk Management?


Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association’s risk management initiative is much more than background checks for coaches and volunteers.
The principal aim is to provide a reasonable level of safety and security for our 120,000 players while they are participating in soccer activities. In order to do this, ENYYSA will be providing awareness education to coaches, communicating information on field and player safety, and screening volunteers and coaches.


Certified Coaches, Volunteers and Players Over 18 Requiring Background Check. Please select continue.


State Associations must conduct background screenings as well as SafeSport training for players 18 years and older, as per US Soccer Policy 212-3, ONLY when there is a younger player on the team.  Requirements need to be met within 45 days of the players 18th birthday. Please refer to US Soccer, Policy 212-3—US Soccer Athlete and Participant Safety Policy – Standards for Organization Members

(pages. 20-21) 2020-21 Policy Manual (.pdf)


Note:  *”Heads Up” is a Concussion training component implemented by ENYYSA that is only required for Coaches.


If you are unable to provide all the information on this form, or do not have or do not want to provide a social security number, you must use the alternate background check procedure (above in drop down menu).

When your background check is complete, and you are risk management cleared YOU WILL RECEIVE A CONFIRMING e-mail. Your League and or Club may require that you submit this confirmation, PLEASE KEEP A COPY.


What happens if there is a problem with my Background Check?

If there is a problem with your background check we may need you to clarify the information disclosed or identified. If so please prepare the following form.

What other Information is available regarding background checks?


Safety Articles




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