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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions And Answers

I signed up for Region 1 - Eastern Regional League. If I don’t get accepted to either of those leagues does that application automatically get sent to ENYYSA’s Premier League?

No – In order to be considered for ENYYSA’s Premier League, you must complete the on line application and submit the registration fee.

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I signed up for Region 1 Eastern Regional League and ENYYSA’s Premier League. If I get accepted to Region 1 Eastern Regional League, will my money for ENYYSA’s Premier League, be refunded to me?

Yes, playing in the Region 1 Eastern Regional League will allow you to receive a refund. Please note that this does not apply to Super Y or MAPS Leagues as they do not fall under our jurisdiction.

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If I don’t get accepted to ENYYSA’s Premier League, do I get my registration money back?

Yes, payment will only be processed/deposited upon acceptance to the ENYYSA Premier League.

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If I get accepted to ENYYSA’s Premier League but I changed my mind and don’t want to participate, do I get my money back?

The entry fee is non-refundable. Exceptions to the refund policy include:
• There is no division in your age/gender group
• Your team is accepted to the Region I Eastern Regional League

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Can a team play in BOTH the ENY Premier League AND their 'home' league during the same season?

That decision defaults to the team's 'home' league based on the individual respective member leagues (games) rules, policies and/or guidelines.
Some leagues have abbreviated or limited league match play which may be due to when seasonal may commence.
Day of match play for ENY Premier League games is determined by the designated HOME team.
ENYPL matches may NOT be postponed due to scheduling conflicts with other league matches, whether league regular game or league cup match (ENY State Cup competition does take precedence over ENYPL games). Additionally keeping within the philosophy of the ENYPL, we discourage the scheduling of more than 1 game per day.

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Who schedules the games?

Games are initially scheduled for a specific weekend by the ENYYSA’s computer system. Subject to the rules of the league, the home team schedules the day, time and field the game is to be played.

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Can I play on Saturday or Sunday of the scheduled weekend?

Yes. While the home team typically has a choice of dates and times, if there are unusual circumstances and or/ ODP conflicts which are stated in the rules, changes may be dictated by the Premier League Chairman if adequate notice by the team requiring consideration, in the Chairman’s sole discretion, is given. Please note that MAPS, Super Y League or US Club Soccer activity conflicts will not be considered. Please note that birthday parties, weddings, bar mitzvahs etc will not be considered as an unusual circumstance.

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Once the games have been scheduled, can I make changes?

Once the schedule is posted, any requests for game changes due to extraordinary circumstances must be submitted in writing to the Premier League Chairman at least seven days prior to the scheduled date of the game. Play in other leagues will not be considered extraordinary.

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What if I have a State Cup game on the same day as my league game?

You must reschedule your league game. State Cup takes precedence over league games.

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How many players can I put on my roster?

For U12 and U11 the maximum is 16.
For U13 and older the maximum is 22 however only 18 can dress and play in a game; those 18 players must be designated prior to the start of the game.

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Can I use guest players in my Premier League Games?

No, only players registered to your team are allowed to participate with the exception of Club Pass Players.  Refer to Club Pass Rule in the Rules & Regulations for ENYPL found on the website under Rules, Forms and How To's.  (See rules for teams playing 8v8 state cup competition)

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Can I add players to my roster during the season?

Rosters are typically frozen just before the season starts. The exact date is in the rules for each season. Once this date has passed no more players can be added to your roster for Premier League play.

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Do I need to schedule the referees?

The referees for Premier League games are scheduled by the league.

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Who pays for the referee?

Each team pays half the referee fees before the start of the game. The fees for each season are specified in the rules of the League

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What if the referee doesn’t show up?

For U14 and younger, each team must agree on a person to referee the game. The referee must be a certified referee in order to referee the game.
For U15 and older, the game must be rescheduled.

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Who reports the score?

The Home Team is responsible for reporting the score though the online system.

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What are the referee fees for U16

Please go to our website - >Programs>Premier League>Rules Forms and How To's.  All information is listed in the rules including referee fees and so much more.  

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