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Olympic Development Program Moves In New Direction!

The Eastern New York Soccer Association (ENYYSA) is improving its Olympic Development Program (ODP), the highest level of competition in the State. Annually, players are evaluated by the professional coaching staff, for a position on the prestigious ODP team. For more detailed information about the "New" program click here. The following represents the highlights of the new program.
 ENY vs Vermont 2012
Local Tryouts - Registration Opens September 2012
  • U12 to U15 - two tryouts in March 2013
  • U16 and U17 - No local tryouts. They are invited back and attend State Pool (registration is required).
  • Player recommendations will be accepted. New on-line form coming! Recommendations will be entertained from League / Club Presidents, Directors of Coaching, League Select or USSF / NSCAA Nationally Licensed Coaches.
  • Registration for U12 to U15 tryouts opens in the Fall of 2012.
State ID Pool
  • U12 to U15 - Selected players from local tryouts will be invited to attend State ID Pool.
  • U16-U17 - Players will be invited to the State ID Pools based on recommendations.
  • Recommendations will be accepted from League / Club Presidents, Directors of Coaching, League Select or USSF / NSCAA Nationally Licensed Coaches. In addition players from last year’s program will automatically be invited to the State ID Pools.
  • There will be two State ID Pool training sessions. After each session, a list will be posted on the ENYYSA website of players invited back to attend the second State ID training session.
  • The final list of State Pool players selected will be posted to the ENYYSA website. This group is comprised of approximately 30 players per division from the North and 30 players per division from the South, will make up the "State Pool".
  • Players have an option to participate in the "Program Administrator Raffle", to offset their program costs. Dollar for dollar of raffles sold will be applied against program costs. All raffle sales are non-refundable and will be used toward player program cost.
  • Players are required to wear their tryout t-shirts to first training session. All U16 and U17 players MUST register and bring their registration receipt to the first training session. Registration is open in the Fall of 2012 for the U16 & U17 players.
State Pool Training
  • Two locations for training one in the North and one in the South. Total of four training sessions, usually on Monday nights.
  • Uniform is free.
  • The Head Coaches will identify 18 players (plus alternates) to participate in the " State Tournament Team" (only U13 to U17 divisions). Please note that U13 and U14 divisions may have more than one tournament team. The U12 divisions are developmental and do not attend the Region I ODP Tournament.
  • All State Pool players are eligible to attend the Region I ID Camp in July.
  • Registration for the "State Pool" will open in March 2013. Each "State Pool" player is required to bring their registration receipt and required medical/code of conduct forms to the first training sessions.
State Tournament Team
  • U13 to U17 divisions will make up the Tournament Teams. They will attend three training sessions throughout the State.
  • Attend Region I ODP Tournament in June 2013.
  • Registration opens in April of 2013. Each player must bring the required registration receipt to the first training session.
Region I ID Camp 
  • All "State Pool" players are eligible to attend.
  • Region ID Camp identifies players to participate on Regional Pool / Teams. This is a high level of play and encompasses players from the 15 states in Region I. During this training and competition, players who are capable of performing at a higher level of play are identified for possible national team camp, pool or team participation.
  • Registration opens April 2013.

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