HVYSD Travel Teams

Registration is ONLY upon state registrar approval


Travel Team Registration

Hudson Valley Youth Soccer District (HVYSD) is an affiliate of US Youth Soccer and Eastern New York Youth Soccer Association. HVYSD has developed a registration system for those teams desiring to maintain their soccer choices.  We have streamlined the process and have made it easier for teams to register as well as obtain passes. 

If you are in the Hudson Valley area and would like to participate in Region I and ENYYSA events, such as the prestigious National Championship Cup, you can register as a team to our new League, Hudson Valley Youth Soccer District (HVYSD). Registering your team directly to the Hudson Valley Youth Soccer District is the first step towards qualifying for:

  • Eastern Regional League*
  • ENY Premier League*
  • National Championship Cup**
  • Arch Capital Group Cup**

*Predicated on being accepted.

** Team is solely responsible to find and play in a qualifying league (4 teams).  

To inquire, call ENY State office at (516) 766-0849

TEAMS MUST be registered by:

FOR FALL- September 15, 2017

FOR SPRING - January 15, 2018

Roster Changes (additions/deletions) are limited to 3 in one season

How Does a Travel Team Register?

Registration is easy for a team:

  • Create an account for your team contact
  • Select "Register"
  • Select "new team", add a minimum of 7 players and at least one coach
  • Upload the player / coaches photos by selecting the name on the roster (player / coach must be added to the roster first) 
  • Pay the $360 team fee (no other fees incurred other then acceptance or guest playing in a League, fees are the responsibility of the Team),
  • Email player birth certificates to lfrancis@enysoccer.com 
  • Providing there are no errors, such as a coach not risk management eligible or player dual registered, Player / Coaches passes will be provided upon payment (By check or online payment): Passes will be sent by US Mail to the account contact or in-person pick up, available by appointment.  Call the State office at 516-766-0849.  


Passes will NO LONGER be provided via email!


Registration is ONLY upon state registrar approval

To find out more call 1-888-5-ENYYSA or email lfrancis@enysoccer.com