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Qualifying Tournament for President's Cup!

Coming Soon the qualifying round for President's Cup. Stony Brook and ENYYSA are pairing up to bring you the qualifying tournament for the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup Tournament!



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The Players Game - Please Give it Back

Soccer is the player’s game. It belongs to them.
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Some Things You Just Have To Do…..

The majority of parents in New York have a genuine and irrepressible desire to do all they can for their kids.
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Trajectory of a Players Soccer Development ... Coaching

Parents looking to make sensible developmental decisions
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Season Opening- A Time of Hope?

Have a basic understanding of the concepts of training effect, compensation, super compensation, recovery time and training load.
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The age at which players can realistically, due to physical and intellectual development, be expected, with sensible effort, to master certain techniques and tactics.
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Professional Soccer Trainers - Curse or Cure

The reasons for this change in the culture of who teaches the game
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PLAYER DEVELOPMENT - Reaching your potential

Checklist for parents and players searching for a good developmental situation
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A very honest comment on what is perceived as a real issue.
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Good Coaches Adjust Part 2

Issues on the “Multi-sport” athlete and culture to be addressed by all concerned coaches.
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Results: 90 Article(s) Found.
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