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US Soccer Initiative

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Questions And Answers

When will the changes take place?

These standards are effective immediately.

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Will existing teams be "grandfathered" in?

In short, no. All teams registered with Eastern New York, regardless of how long they've existed, must comply with the new guidelines. We understand this means several teams will likely have a new makeup, one of the chief concerns of players and coaches.

What we can say, is that teams will still have the option of playing up.

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Do Intramural and Recreational Leagues need to comply with the US Soccer initiatives?

Yes, as all of our members organizations are affiliated with US Soccer.  However, we will allow for variances as needed in the best interests of the game and the children in those areas.  The goal is for everyone eventually reach the standard.

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Do our facilities need to change their goal and field sizes immediately?

No, but organizations and leagues should make an effort to adapt to the standards when purchasing new goals or designing new fields.

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How does this affect August tournaments?

Past practice on August tournaments will remain the same, meaning new season rosters and passes will be accepted for “pre-season” tournaments beginning August 1.

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