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What is the competition level at this tournament?


This is a mid-level tournament. The teams competing will be a level below teams competing in the Region I Premier League, as well as a level below the State Cup Champions. Past winners of the Region I Presidents Cup can be found here by clicking here.


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I signed up for Region 1 Champions League. If I get accepted to the Region 1 Champions League Division 1 and am therefore not eligible, will my money for the Presidents Cup be refunded?

Yes, playing in the Region 1 Champions League Division 1 will allow you to receive a refund.

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If I get selected to represent ENYYSA in the Region I Presidents Cup but I changed my mind and don’t want to participate, do I get my money back?

No. Additionally, you will forfeit your performance bond and be responsible for any additional fines as determined by the Region I Presidents Cup rules. Refer to Region I website for more information.

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