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ENY Matches Will Resume as Scheduled


ENY State Cup & ENY Premier League (ENYPL) games for the weekend of 3/18-19

As a state-wide competition, we have consulted with, or been been contacted by various clubs, teams participating in our State Cup and State Premier League programs, following the winter storm activity earlier this week.

Some areas within ENY received substantial accumulations of snow, while others received dramatically less than forecasted. 

After considering input from different areas within the ENY at-large footprint, and considering various factors (# of scheduled matches on synthetic vs natural surface fields), please note the following decision by ENYYSA regarding status of ALL ENY State Cup & ENY Premier League (ENYPL) games for the weekend of 3/18-19;

 ALL matches remain as presently scheduled. 


1) ENY State Cup (Open and Arch) as well as ENY Premier matches for Saturday, 3/18 and Sunday, 3/19 are not cancelled. HOME teams are responsible for confirming viability of individual field locations.

2)HOME teams are responsible for reviewing field conditions, consulting with appropriate club officials, and/or municipal authorities (Village, Town, County authorities) regarding status of fields for any matches scheduled for 3/18 and/or 3/19 up to two (2) hours (plus visiting team travel time) prior to scheduled match, game kick-off.  

3) IF, field will not be open, has been closed for the weekend by a municipality or school district, the HOME team is responsible to immediately notify, confirm match cancellation to; 

A) Your Age Group Commissioner/Coordinator (AGC)

B) Visiting team

C) Assigned match referee(s) 

Where fields are not foreseeable to be playable this weekend (i.e. natural surfaces) or have been closed , we ask that you notify your AGC (with club note that field is closed) by no later than 12pm, Friday 3/17. 

4) IF decision to be made on match day, prior to scheduled match kick off, please note that home team must confirm a minimum of two (2) hours prior to scheduled kickoff, PLUS any travel time for the visiting team. 

IF facility not playable, or closed, immediately proceed to advise, confirm to; 

A) Your AGC

B) Visiting team

C) Assigned match referee(s) 

5) IF, match is not canceled ahead of time as above, any decision regarding the playing conditions of the field will fall to the assigned match referee.. 

Should the visiting team and referees travel to the field, AND assigned referee determines field is NOT playable, please note;  

A) HOME team may potentially forfeit said match

B) HOME team will lose home field for any reschedule of match

C) HOME team will be responsible for paying ALL appropriate referee and assigning fees 

We are attempting to provide teams with some flexibility here, since these competitions are time sensitive, some have reserved, rented facilities to host these matches, and teams also have commitments to attend various regional showcase events which may limit open dates for rescheduling.  

Any matches which are cancelled this weekend MUST be rescheduled as per the specific competition rules.  Please work with your AGC accordingly. 

Any questions, please contact your State Cup AGC or ENYPL AGC.




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