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US State Soccer F License

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ENYYSA / US Soccer "F" License is copmprised of the following modules. Each candidate will be issued a certificate and a license upon completion of the course.

U8 Online Coaching Module
Online coaching module with video and quizzes that takes approximately 2 hours to complete
Field Session 1-Me and My Ball
Practical field session deals with individual ball mastery and leads into a variety of 1v1 games. Focus of the class is exploring good practices that lead to players having a sound technical base in the game.
Field Session 2 - Me and My Partner
Practical field session that deals with the techniques of short passing, receiving the ball and progresses to examine two player combinations from both an attacking and defending standpoint.
Field Session 3 - The Start of Us
Practical field session that deals with the techniques and associated tactics involved in keeping possession of the ball.

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