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Grassroots Licenses


In conjunction with US Soccer, ENYYSA will be offering new coaching education courses starting February 1, 2018.  These new courses follow the new US Soccer Grassroots License Pathway.  All courses will be 4 hours in duration (2 hours on-field & 2 classroom hours).  Courses introduce the play-practice-play model within a reality based environment and reflect the US soccer Player Development Initiatives (PDI).


Click HERE to learn more about the Grassroots License Pathway Initiative.


Upcoming Grassroots Courses

4v4 License

7v7 License

9v9 License

11v11 License


 Please Note:

  • The licenses can be taken in any order.
  • The instructor / coach ratio is set at a minimum of 1:12 and as close to a 1:14 maximum as possible.
  • Each course requires both a classroom and a field
  • For the field sessions, players from the hosting club are required to play the relevant game format (4v4 - U6, U7, U8 / 7v7 - U9, U10 / 9v9 – U11, U12)
  • The cost per candidate will be set at $85.00 per coach and all registration and course work will take place via US SOCCER Digital Coaching Center


Anyone with specific questions that are not answered above can email Tim Bradbury at




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