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Clarification Regarding Coaching Licenses

With so many coaching courses, diploma's and licenses available it is necessary to clarify a few issues regarding coaching education.  All should note the following:
  1. Only the US Soccer (USSF) can issue coaching licenses.  Courses that are recognized nationally and internationally as a true license. This licensing procedure is through the E, D and C license offered exclusively by ENYYSA.
  2. NSCAA is the largest private coaching organization in the word and they offer coaching diploma's.
  3. A number of League's within ENYYSA have designed and coach their own courses. These courses can not be considered as licenses and should not be titled as such.
  4. Due to the titles of the USSF licenses , A,B,C,D and E some confusion exits when certain Leagues call their coaching courses by similar titles.
  5. The only official waiver onto a higher level course is with a professional playing license. (The number and validity of which is certified by the USSF).
  6. Coaches with college playing experience do NOT receive waivers onto higher courses.
  7. US Youth Soccer through the USSF offer and instruct the National Youth License. This is correctly titled as a licensing course.
  8. Currently none of the Leagues that constitute ENYYSA have any licensing requirements.
  9. Only the USSF A license and the NSCAA Master coach diploma need ongoing work and study to be kept current.  Without these ceu's both expire.
  10. Any coach, parent, Club President or League President with questions on further clarification should email Tim Bradbury at
Yours In Soccer,
Tim Bradbury
Director of Coaching Instruction



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