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Out of State Player/Team



Out of State Player / Team


USYS Rule 201:  Player Registration

Section 1.  A youth player must register each seasonal year in the State Association in which he or she resides with his or her parent or parents or guardian or guardians, or, for a student in residence at a boarding school, college, or university, the player may register in the state in which the boarding school, college, university, or division of the college or university is located.

Section 2.  (a) Any youth player wishing to play on a team of a member of a State Association other than the State Association where the player is registered, must receive written permission from—

(1) the State Association where the player is registered; and

(2) the other State Association of the team on which the player wishes to play.

Section 3.  A youth player is registered for a seasonal year from the moment the player or the player’s representative executes the registration form and pays the appropriate fees.


Individual Player Registration

In accordance with US Youth Soccer Rule 20, any player who resides in Eastern New York but wishes to play in another state association must register as an Out-Of-State Player.  Registration ensures proper secondary insurance coverage.  Note:  New York State West Youth Soccer Association is another state association.  Once registered, please submit a copy of the confirmation email to the state association you will be playing in. 

Registration Fee:  $30


ENY Out of State Player Registration Link


*Additional Step for New Jersey Players*

Send NJ Youth Soccer Interstate Permission Form to





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