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Spring 2015 AGC for Arch Cup .PDF Document List of Age Group Commissioners and their divisions Feb 24, 2015
Spring 2015 AGC for NCS .PDF Document List of Age Group Commissioners and the respective division Feb 24, 2015
2015 Region I President's Cup Rules and Procedures .PDF Document For complete details and information visit http://www.region1.com Dec 12, 2014
2015 Region I Presidents Cup Official Roster .PDF Document ROSTERS It will be the responsibility of each State Association to provide the Region I Presidents Cup Chair a roster for each team entered in the event. Under 12 Small Sided Age Group: No more than fourteen players on a roster. Under 13 through the Under 17 Age Groups: may have a maximum of twenty-two (22) players on their team roster and a maximum of eighteen (18) players on each game roster. State Associations MUST supply a roster reflecting the players registered for the State level event, which the Region I Presidents Cup Committee can use to determine compliance with the following: 1. A team must demonstrate continuity of rosters between the league and every level of the President’s Cup competitions by maintaining a minimum of 9 players common to the roster of the team at every level of the competitions. No player added to a team after the Regional competition is completed shall be rostered on a President’s Cup team. 2. Rosters MUST be legible and signed by the State Association Registrar or designee 3. Players MUST be listed in alphabetical order, last name first 4. Jersey Numbers MUST be listed on the roster 5. All players will have a uniquely numbered jersey that matches the roster 6. NO team shall be allowed more than 14/18/22 players on its roster 7. Team Bench personnel (Maximum of four (4) people) can represent the team officials, e.g. coach, assistant coach, manager, trainer) on the sideline. Team Bench badges MUST be worn and visible to the Referees and Tournament Officials at al times while your match is going on. Dec 12, 2014
2015 Region I Presidents Cup Code of Conduct .PDF Document This form MUST be brought to the registration on Friday May 23, 2015 Dec 12, 2014
Parent Education Certificate .PDF Document The certificate is for those parents who spent the time to watch an education piece developed by the Director of Coaching Instruction. To address sideline behavior etc... A few facts: 70% leave by 13 years of age This generation will die 5 years younger than ours. Less than 10% of adult coaches have any coaching education Dec 09, 2014
ENY Premier League - Reschedule Game Form .PDF Document From to be utilized when rescheduling a Premier League game. Oct 08, 2014
Advance Notice of Injury .PDF Document Prepare this form if a child sustains an injury while participating in a sanctioned Eastern New York Soccer event. Once prepared please submit to your league for approval. Subsequent to the League approval you will receive a "Claim Number" from ENYYSA insurance company. Sep 17, 2014
How to Enter Your Roster .PDF Document How to enter roster in GotSoccer system Aug 25, 2014
National Championship Results - 2014 .XLS Document May 31 & June 1, 2014 NCS results May 31, 2014
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